American wild horses and burros, symbols of freedom that define the American West, are in danger.

Today, wild horses inhabit ten western states, and although they are protected by federal law, the threat to their continued presence on our public lands has never been greater.

Since 1971, the Bureau of Land Management and other governmental agencies have relied on inhumane strategies to manage wild horse populations–rounding up and capturing wild horses, leaving them vulnerable to disease, neglect, and slaughter.

This broken system is needlessly wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on animal cruelty — a staggering $48,000 per horse or burro captured.

The federal government is rounding up more horses and burros than ever. There’s a better way.

Evidence is mounting that safer methods of population control are both more effective and more affordable.

The American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC) is dedicated to real solutions for the conservation of wild horses and burros that will save lives and taxpayer dollars.

Source: Bureau of Land Management

Holding facilities now have over 59,000 horses. But there are much better solutions available.
Holding facilities now have over 59,000 horses. But there are much better solutions available.

2023 Horse Protection Platform

AWHC lobbyists work on behalf of wild horses and burros to address the current threats to their survival in the West.

This work, paired with grassroots mobilization campaigns connecting constituents to their elected officials, empowers citizens to take effective action.

Protect wild horses and burros and support humane solutions for their management.

Co-sponsor the Wild Horse and Burro Protection Act, (H.R. 3656) to ban the use of helicopters to cruelly round up wild horses.
Co-sponsor the Save America's Forgotten Equines (SAFE) Act (H.R. 3475/S. 2307) to permanently ban the slaughter of equines for human consumption and to ban the export of equines to foreign countries for slaughter.
Support wild horse and burro protection reforms in 2023 which would prioritize humane wild horse and burro management, restore western habitat, promote partnerships with American veterans and nonprofit organizations, and increase transparency within the the federal program.

Real Solutions

Virginia Range, Nevada

In-the-Wild Management — AWHC operates the largest humane management program in the world for the mustangs that roam the 300,000 acres of Nevada’s Virginia Range.

Our fertility control program is proving that wild horses and burros can be managed humanely in the wild where they belong.

AWHC’s program achieved a 62% foal reduction on the Virginia Range, without the removal of a single horse.

Fertility control is effective and more humane, and if used widely could save American taxpayers billions. Instead of $48,000 per horse captured, a lifetime of fertility control costs only $1,000 per mare/jenny.

Onaqui grazing under the moon

Take Action

Please encourage your Representative to support wild horse and burro protection reforms in 2023:

Fish Creek roundup